We have a tournament  for the 1st time ever!!  The last person to win sha'll play stick.man.sam if the last standing wins against stick.man.sam than he sha'll be a war lead and fight by stick.man.sams side . If he losses against stick.man.sam then we sha'll start the tournament  over.

                                 RULEZ OF THE TOURNAMENT! 


1. If no one wins the Tournament it will start over after 2 weeks. 

2. You need to register for the clan to join.

3. You need to be a member in the clan to join.

4. No Re-Match/if draw then rematch will be allowed by hosts approval. 

5. Don't get mad because you lost.

6. Don’t abuse Moderator/Owner powers because you lost. If so you will be demoted

7. N.F.K

8. No Camping.

9. No cussing at the person you lost to/or in that case ANYONE!

10. No hacking!


12. No kick in stick arena or = auto win!

13. No hammer camp!

14. The hosts (Stick.man.sam,Blackstar.) must see proof that you won a battle.  

15. If a player does not join in a time period will lose!

16. HAVE FUN! 

                                      .::TOURNAMENT PLAYERS::.

Name                   Rank           Rank in clan           

Stick.man.sam         9                Site owner                   

Black Cat                8                Administrator               

Gummy                   9                Owner                         

Sarah                     8                Owner                        

DeathHoundHowler    6                Owner                      

Justin                     9                Owner                                 

lijiexiong                  9                Moderator                  

Dan13llt                   6                Moderator                  

John                      N/A               Moderator             

Everblaze                6                  Member                    

Eddy                      6                  Member

tommy                    6                  Member



           .::Please tell the host if you want to sign up for the TOURNAMENT::. 


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